Anadolu Technology Research Park Company (ATAP Inc.)

Anadolu Technology Research Park Company (ATAP Inc.) is the management company of the Eskişehir Technology Development Zone. The ATAP Inc. was established by the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry on 18 September 1990 as a result of university-industry cooperation, in order to increase technological investments in the industry of the province. During the establishment of ATAP Inc., international experience was also gained by ensuring the cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the United Nations Fund for Science and Technology for Development (UNFSTD) in 1991.

The most important establishment purpose of the Company is to establish an R&D ecosystem for the cooperation between universities and industry in order to immediately bring our national industry to the level of developed countries, to put scientific knowledge into practice and serve for technology to give our country competitive power in the international market.

ATAP Inc. plays a role in disseminating the advanced technology practices in the institutions and organizations operating in the region, sharing experiences, evaluating the R&D projects for cooperation at university and industry levels in terms of complying with laws and regulations, selecting appropriate projects and ensuring that these projects benefit from the incentives and exemptions stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations.

Services provided to entrepreneurs in the Eskişehir Technology Development Zone, managed and operated by ATAP Inc., are as follows:

  • Technical assistance for entrepreneur candidates in incorporation, benefiting from university incubation services and quality assurance,
  • Consultancy service on the establishment and operation of R&D and Design centres,
  • Allocation of ready-to-use production units that entrepreneurs can rent or independent production units in the OIZ campus,
  • Promotion service for TDZ companies at national and international cooperation platforms and fairs,
  • Assistance to entrepreneurs in finding investors, matching, and marketing for project collaborations,
  • Consultancy services on trademark registration, copyrights, patenting, and technology transfer.

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