Our Sectors

The development level of sectors is a key indicator of regional economic performance and competitiveness. Therefore, no matter what the sector is, all need to be innovative and competitive. Otherwise, the economy will not be promising regarding job creation, total revenue, and export and welfare growth. However, the capacity and the current situation of sectors should be well understood before developing any capacity building action. Otherwise, it will not be useful but may also create public losses.

Eskişehir is one of the most industrialized cities in Turkey and 30% of all companies are in the manufacturing industry and 60% of them are in the service sector. Although it is the second main sector in Eskişehir, the manufacturing industry creates value almost two times higher than the service industry and three times higher than agriculture.

The machinery manufacturing industry is the flagship sub-industry in Eskişehir. 23.1% of all companies are in the machinery industry and it holds almost 34% of total employment, 52.3% of total revenues and nearly 60% of the total export of Eskişehir. The manufacturing industry has the highest capacity for job creation and the sector still has %30 open positions in Eskişehir.

Industries such as machinery, automotive, white goods and railways have a strategic role not only for Eskişehir but also for Turkey. For instance, a hundred percent of aircraft engines, diesel locomotive and compressor refrigerant are produced in Eskişehir. Similarly, more than fifty percent of jack, refrigerators, and clothes dryers are again produced in Eskişehir (Eskişehir 2017 Yılı Yatırım ve Tanıtım Stratejisi, 2017).

The other unique characteristic of Eskişehir is to be one of the export-oriented cities in Turkey. It is among a few cities in Turkey, which has an export surplus and based on 2019 statistics, Eskişehir is the 19th city in Turkey with regards to export volume (www.ticaret.gov.tr). The United States and EU member countries, mainly Germany, France, and Austria, are the main importing countries for Eskişehir.

To get more detailed information about the current status of the sectors that EDIC primarily aims to serve:

Machinery Industry

White Goods Industry

Automotive Industry

Aviation Industry

Railway Industry