Our Vision and Mission

Innovation in business world means partnership, professionalism and support on behalf of the public sector and includes the integrity, commitment and public authority of the services provided. The Eskişehir Design and Innovation Centre is a centre established in Eskişehir to increase the competitiveness of SMEs operating in the region by increasing their capacity with innovation in the world markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovation support services in producing technical and administrative solutions to the engineering, design and prototyping challenges faced by SMEs in the business development process.

Our Vision

EDIC is a leading technical assistance institution in Eskişehir hosted by Anadolu Technology Research Park to assist industrial enterprises with professional services on technological innovation, technical growth, business development and capacity building.

Our Strategic Goals

  • To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the Eskişehir region by focusing on the machinery, automotive, white goods, aviation, and railway sectors, creating preconditions for high value-added production,
  • To coach SMEs in their technological innovation activities and in this regard, to strengthen their capacities,
  • To facilitate access to technical infrastructure,
  • To support SMEs in their R&D activities, to establish partnerships and to provide a network,
  • To provide consultancy to SMEs in increasing the Technological Readiness Level of the products.