There is AICON Smartscan HE R12 3D optical scanner with two 12-megapixel CMOS cameras in our centre. With these cameras, scanning images with a resolution of 6144 ×4675 are obtained. The scanning device can scan an area from 70 ×55 mm to 825 ×630 mm. It can provide effective scanning and measurement performance with a high precision in a variety of practices, including quality control, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. “Structured Light Scanning”, which involves projecting light patterns onto the measurement surface, is a well-established and highly reliable technology for three-dimensional surface acquisition. Even in complex surface geometries, measurement data are captured swiftly and at a high level of resolution and accuracy with this advanced non-contact optical 3D scanning technique. In addition, with the Geomagic Control X software in our centre, parametric solid modelling/surface modelling can be performed via IGS or STL data obtained as a result of scanning, and comparisons can be made quickly with existing CAD data.


  • Structured light scanning
  • Smart Phase Projection for scanning of glossy and dark surfaces without pre- treatment such as spraying
  • Reliable measurement even challenging industrial environments with high-quality hardware and adapted measuring strategies
  • Short scanning times through Digital Projection
  • High data quality with Smart Data Capture technology
  • Maximum degree of feature accuracy through high-resolution camera sensors
  • Quick and easy exchange of measurement fields
  • Colour back-projection of measurement results
  • Detailed data with non-contact scanning technology