There is the additive manufacturing system EOSINT P 396 for producing serial parts and functional prototypes from EOS polymer materials in our centre. This product provides higher productivity, reducing costs per production. The machine has a production capacity of 340 x 340 x 600 mm. The technology of the future 3D printing technology, sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing, is used in many areas in the industry. Additive manufacturing has enormous potential for supply chains and product development, creating new business models.

This machine enables the processing of following materials:

  • PA 1101
  • PA 1102 Black
  • PA 2200
  • PA 2210 FR
  • Prime Cast 101
  • TPU 1301
  • PA 640 GS


  • All 3D printed parts with excellent mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy due to software features such as Smart Scaling, EOSAME and a continuous temperature monitoring
  • Highest productivity ensured by its powerful laser plus high scanning and recoating speed
  • Full integration into the IIoT environment with EOSCONNECT Core
  • An entirely digital process chain from the CAD model, through ERP and MES connection, to the finished part.
  • Flexible and tool-free production