Another of the machines in our centre is CNC Milling Machine. The working principle of the CNC Milling Machine is machining in various axes until the final shape is obtained from the part connected to the production table, which rotates on its own axis, by using the coding created with computer-aided manufacturing software. Our machine has a large machining area and is equipped with a new ultra-compact spindle. The spindle cooling mechanism and linear feedback in the linear axis ensure high precision machining.


Complex turning and milling operations with ultra-compact turning milling spindle and up to 20,000 rpm

A disk or chain magazine for shorter set-up and idle times

6-sided complete machining by main spindle up to 700 Nm and optional counter spindle

Counter spindle with 6,000 rpm, 170 Nm

Positioning accuracy up to 6 μm and repeatability up to 2 μm

Liquid-cooled spindle and cooling of the X/ Y/ Z motors