Our Services

A series of trainings and services will be provided at EDIC for our SMEs to specialize in the areas they need and increase their capacities. Thus, the technological level of SMEs will increase and the import rates in the specified sectors will decrease.

  • Design and prototyping services
  • Supporting high value-added product development projects
  • Project Management
  • Solid modelling with CAD (CATIA) modules
  • Manufacturing technical drawings
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Structural and stress analyses
  • Technical and in-service trainings
  • Ensuring accessibility of R&D, Design and Innovation incentive mechanisms

The products and services needed by SMEs are determined by conceptual design studies, taking into account current product technologies, technology and design trends.

Prototype parts or systems are developed using conventional production methods and/or additive manufacturing methods.

Project Management
Project design and project management assistance is provided in line with the needs of SMEs.

Reverse Engineering
Within the scope of reverse engineering, services are provided for the transfer of 3D data, design and engineering details of an existing product or system, which are not in the computer environment, to digital media.

Technical and administrative trainings and workshops are organized to increase the competence and capacity of our SMEs in the fields they need.

Structural Analysis
Structural analyses needed in the projects of our SMEs are carried out, guidance regarding the process is provided, and design changes are made by our experts if necessary.